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Are we Extraordinary?

Certainly far from ordinary

We are a dedicated TRADE supplier, manufacturers of a unique product range

We manufacture in-house. We understand the issues our customers have with outsourcing product, and have developed systems and procedures to make life easy.

A Huge Product Range

Providing print solutions and creating custom made products that may be difficult to source is our strength.

Although we have a standard product range being manufacturers enables us to vary the theme.

Conventional or Digital

Having the flexibility of these processes at our disposal, we are able to determine the best and most cost effective way to produce your product.

We have been printing for over 30 years and have embraced new techniques to compliment our existing resources.

Our wholesale site?

We have developed an amazing online costing system that will instantaneously calculate quotes using all aspects of our manufacturing processes.

This is one of many online systems that guarantee our customers a seamless, convenient experience.

If you are a Print Wholesaler, we will supply you log in details to allow you access to this information.

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